Distance from Shanghai to Xianyang

Q: How far is Shanghai to Xianyang? How far is Shaanxi Province to Xianyang?

You must be referring to Xianyang in Shaanxi Province. Xianyang is a prefectural-level city of Shaanxi Province. It is located 25 km ((15 ml) northwest of Xian, the capital of Shaanxi Province. By train, the distance from Shanghai to Xianyang is approximately 1,500 km (940 ml). By plane, it is a flight of two hours. The airport for Xian is called Xian Xianyang International Airport because it located in the suburbs of Xianyang. There is a train that leaves Shanghai around noon time and arrives at Xianyang Station the next morning - a trip of 20 hours. There are faster trains that go from Shanghai to Xian. The fastest of these trains covers the distance from Shanghai to Xian in 13 hours. You can then make your way from Xian to Xianyang, which, as noted above, is a short trip of 25 km or so.

By the way, there are Shaanxi Province and Shanxi Province (with a single "a"). Actually, when the names of these two Chinese provinces are Romanized, they should both appear as "Shanxi." To avoid confusion, however, one additional "a" is arbitrarily inserted into one of the two names. Shaanxi Province is where Xian and Xianyang are located. Shanxi Province is directly east of Shaanxi Province.