Distances - Shanghai - Yiwu - Guangzhou

Q: What is the distance between 1) Shanghai and Yiwu 2) Yiwu and Guangzhou 3) Shanghai and Guangzhou?

Yiwu is approximately 300 km (187 ml) south of Shanghai. Guangzhou is farther south, by 1,470 km (920 ml). The total distance between Shanghai and Guangzhou is thus roughly 1,800 kilometers or 1,100 miles. This is by railway. One can travel from Shanghai to Yiwu by train or bus. One can also travel from Shanghai or Yiwu to Guangzhou by train. It is a bit too long a trip to travel by bus from Shanghai to Guangzhou or from Yiwu to Guangzhou. By train from Shanghai to Guangzhou is a trip of 20 hours. From Yiwu to Guangzhou, 15 to 17 hours. You need to get yourself a sleeping berth for the journey.

There are flights from Shanghai to Guangzhou as well as flights from Yiwu to Guangzhou (Yiwu has a small airport of its own). Flight time from Shanghai to Guangzhou is a little over two hours. From Yiwu to Guangzhou, it is a little less than two hours.