Jinan - Nanjing distance

Q: I'd like to know the distance and time travelling from Nanjing to Jinan. Also the various travel options available, bus, train. Thanks.

The distance between Nanjing and Jinan is approximately 650 kilometers (406 miles). There are many trains going between the two cities. Train travel time range from 6 to 10 hours, depending which train you go by (avoid slow trains - not only they're slow, they're not as clean and comfortable as the fast ones). If you get yourself a sleeping berth, the ticket costs about 200 Chinese dollars. There are also flights between the two cities (from Nanjing Lukou Airport to Jinan Airport). Flight time is one hour. You need to figure in the time to go to and from the airports, of course. It's more expensive to travel by plane than by train.

Lastly, you can travel by long distance bus from Nanjing to Jinan. You should be able to find them at Zhongyangmen Changtu Qiche Zhan (Zhongyangmen Long Distance Bus Station) in Nanjing. Fare is roughly the same as a train ticket. Bus ride lasts 6 to 7 hours.