Markets for Ladieswear and Kidswear in Guangzhou

Q: I need to buy small quantity in various designs of ladieswear and kidswear from Guangzhou. Could you tell about some markets or companies where it could be possible? Thanks.

Here are some of the clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Baima Fuzhuang Shichang (Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market). Address: No. 16 Zhannan Lu (Zhannan Road), Guangzhou, China, 510010. Tel.: 86687866.

Heima Fuzhuang Pifa Shichang (Heima clothing Wholesale Market. Address: No. 921 Renmin Bei Lu (Renmin North Road), Guangzhou, China.

Liuhua Fuzhuang Pifa Shichang. Address: No. 194 Liuhua Binguan Nan Lou (Liuhua Hotel South Building), Guangzhou, China, 510017. Tel.: 86668428.

Shadong Gongyepin Shangchang (Shadong Industrial Goods Market). Address: No. 30 Lianquan Lu (Lianquan Road), Tianhe Qu (Tianhe District), Guangzhou, China, 510500. Tel.: 87713669.

Hongmian Bubugao Shizhuang Guangchang (Hongmian Bubugao Fashion Clothing Square). Address: No. 184 Huanshi Xi Lu (Ring Road West), Guangzhou, 510010. Tel.: 86663989-3323.

Zhong-Ao Shangmao Cheng (China-Macau Commerce City). Address: No. 1107-1111 Jiefang Bei Lu (Jiefang Road North), Guangzhou, China.

Liwan Qu Dihao Nüren Jie Gouwu Zhongxin (Liwan District Dihao Women Street Shopping Center). Address: No. 24-26 Xia Jiu Lu (Lower Nine Road), Guangzhou, China.

Liwan Qu Taifeng Fuzhuang Pifa Shichang (Liwan District Taifeng Clothing Wholesale Market).

Guangzhou Shi Fangzhi Gongye Gongxiao Gongsi Guangzhou Fangzhi Shangchang (Guangzhou City Textile Industry Supply Company Guangzhou Textile Goods Market). Address: No. 112 Xia Jiu Lu (Lower Nine Road), Guangzhou, China.

Hualin Fuzhuang Peiliao Shichang (Hualin Clothing Materials Market). Address: No. 25 Shibapu Lu (Shibapu Road), Guangzhou, China.

Huanshixi Shangye Jie (Ring Road West Commercial Street). Address: No. 135 Huanshi Xi Lu (Ring Road West), Guangzhou, china.

Yuexing Pifa Shanghang (Yuexing Wholesale Firm). Address: No. 3-9 Doulan Shang Jie (Doulan Upper Street), Guangzhou, China.


all the market is the same place?????

But they're not too far away from one another. Mostly in the the central part of Guangzhou, the area south of Guangzhou Railway Station, extending to the the Pearl River. This is the old commercial center of Guangzhou. Baima, Heima, and Liuhua are among the markets in that area. The busy commercial street called Shang Jiu Lu (Uppler Nine Road) and Xia Jiu Lu (Lower Nine Road) is also in the district. This is an area of about one square kilometer, so it does not take much to travel around, by taxi, bus, or subway (Line 1 and Line 2).