Baoan airport to HK airport

Q: I have booked a flight from HYN to SZX. The flight arrives SZX at 1855 - if we take a taxi are we going to arrive at HK airport in time to catch a flight home to Australia at 2100? Thank you.

If you arrive at Shenzhen Airport at 19:00, it is unlikely that you can catch a flight that departs from Hong Kong Airport at 21:00. A taxi does not work well in this case. To travel from Shenzhen to Hong Kong you will cross a border that separates Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, and China proper. Theoretically, you can take a taxi at Shenzhen to go to a nearby border cross (Shenzhen Wan or Huanggang); the trip takes about 50 minutes. After you have crossed border, you can take a bus or a taxi to go to Hong Kong Airport; that's another trip of 50 minutes or so.

Just for your information, there is coach service from Shenzhen Baoan Airport to Hong Kong Airport. Buses leaves every 20 minutes. The bus ride lasts about two hours. The earliest departure is 8:20 and the latest departure 21:00. Fare is ¥200. You may call :0755 2777-6279 in Shenzhen or 852 2261-0296 in Hong Kong for further information.

There is also ferry service between Shenzhen Baoan Airport and Hong Kong Airport, but the latest ship seems to set off for Hong Kong at 18:30, which is of no use to you. You may call 0755-27776818 for further information about the ferry service. Just so you know, at the Shenzhen Airport there is free shuttles that take passengers to Fuyong Ferry Terminal, where one can board the ship goes directly to the SkyPier of Hong Kong International Airport. Journey time on the sea is approximately 45 minutes. Fare is ¥270-370.

If you decide to stay in Shenzhen and then move on to Hong Kong (instead of going airport to airport), you have other options.