High Speed Train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen

Q: How far is it by high speed train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen and how many hours does it take to get there?

The distance between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, by railway, is about 140 km. Many trains link the two cities, but they are not as fast as the maglev train outside Shanghai or the new inter-city train between Beijing and Tianjin, which can run at the speeds over 300 km per hour. The fastest train between Guangzhou and Shenzhen makes the run in 52 minutes. Other trains covers the distance in an hour or longer times. The faster train are identified with the letter D - for example, D701, D723... There are train services between Guangzhou and Shenzhen as early as 4:00 in the morning and 11:00 at night.