Travel from Taizhou to Hong Kong

Q: I need to fly from Huangyan airport (Taizhou) to Hong Kong on August 19th. I am having difficulty finding flights. Any suggestions - Thank you.

The airport for Taizhou, Huangyan Airport, is a small airport. It is unlikely that you'll find flights from Huangyan to Hong Kong. There are, however, flights from Huangyan to Shenzhen as well as Guangzhou. Of the two cities, Shenzhen is closer to Hong Kong; it borders Hong Kong. For example, Shenzhen Airline operates a flight from Huangyan Airport to Shenzhen Baoan Airport. The plane departs at 16:45 and arrives at 18:55. You can probably get a ticket for about 750 Chinese dollars. There are shuttle buses from Baoan Airport to various destinations in Hong Kong. Travel time is about an hour and bus fare is roughly 100 Chinese dollars. Buses depart every 20 minutes or so, and the latest buses depart at 21:00 or 23:00, depending on particular destinations in Hong Kong. One of the destinations in Hong Kong is Hong Kong International Airport. For information about bus tickeing at Shenzhen Baoan Airport,l you may call (755) 2777 6279 or (755) 2750 4045.

There is also ferry service from Shenzhen Airport to Hong Kong, but your flight seems to be too late for you to go by ferry.

Another possibility is to fly to Guangzhou first and then go to Hong Kong. Guangzhou is farther away from Hong Hong than Shenzhen (it takes about three hours to get from Guangzhou to Hong Kong). There are two flights from Huangyan to Guangzhou, operated by Shenzhen Airline and China Eastern Airline, which depart at 10:10 and 14:20 respectively. There do not seem to be direct coach service from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Hong Kong, so you may have to travel from Baiyun Airport to Guangzhou first and then take a bus or train to go to Hong Kong. Trains operated by Hong Kong MTR depart from Guangzhou for Hong Kong every hour or so during the day. For further information, go here: Two of the bus stations that operate bus services between Guangzhou and Hong Kong (for that matter, between Shenzhen and Hong Kong too) are Trans-Island and China Trave Tours. For further information, go here and here

If you don't want to bother with trains or buses, you can also fly from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Flight time is 45 minutes. Cost is around 700-800 Chinese dollars.

As always, double-check to make sure you have the correct information.