Xiamen to Shenzhen

Q: We will be travelling to Xiamen in September for only a couple of days. After which we plan to travel via sleeper bus to either Hong Kong or shenzhen or Macau depending on the travel time. Would like to ask for the bus companies that do this kind of service and the bus schedules. Do we need to book in advance for the sleeper bus? Thanks.

You may be able to find find Hong Kong-bound long distance buses at the main bus stations in Xiamen. At Jimei Long Distance Bus Station, for instance, there seem to be Hong Hong-bound buses that depart early in the morning and the other leaves before mid-night. You may also find such buses at Hubin Long Distance Bus Station and Songbai Long Distance Bus Station. The distance between Xiamen and Hong Kong, by highway, is approximately 850 km. Bus fare is roughly 250 Chinese dollars.

There are more buses that take passengers fromm Xiamen to Shenzhen. These buses leave every hour or so in the morning and late in the evening. Distance between Xiamen and Shenzhen is about 680 km.

There do not same to be bus service between Xiamen and Macao. You can, however, travel by bus from Xiamen to Zhuhai and then cross border to get into Macau, which is right next to Zhuhai. From Xiamen to Zhuhai it is approximately 900 km, so it is a rather long bus ride. Cost is about 200 Chinese dollars.

For further information, you can try the following contact information for the main long distance bus stations in Xiamen. Jimei Qiche Zhan (Jimei Long Distance Bus Station) (Jimei): (592) 606-8319. Songbai Qiche Zhan (Songbai Long Distance Bus Station) (Lianyue Road): (592)508-9018. Hubin Qiche Zhan (Hubin Long Distance Bus Station) (Hubin Nan Road): (592) 506-0606.

If you choose to travel by train, you can get from Xiamen to Dongguan East Station, which is a bus ride of about an hour or so from Hong Kong. A soft sleeping berth costs about 280 Chinese dollars. From Xiamen to Dongguan East it is about 750 km and train travel time is over 13 hours - rather slow trains.

There are flights from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport to Hong Kong and Macau. Flight time is a little over one hour. A plane ticket costs 700-800 Chinese dollars.