Travel from Shishi to Yiwu

Q: How far is Shishi from Yiwu? What is the best way to travel between the two cities?

There is no direct train or flight link between Shishi in Fujian Province and Yiwu in Zhejiang. Yiwu has an airport and Shishi is about 14 km from Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport, but there is no flight service between Yiwu Airport and Jinjiang Airport. There is, however, flight service from Jinjiang Airport to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. From Xiaoshan Airport you can then take an express bus to Yiwu. To inquire about the buses between Xiaoshan Airport you can call 0571-85533549 (Hangzhou) or 0579-5123092 (Yiwu). From Xiaoshan
Airport to Yiwu it is approximately 145 km.

Alternatively, you can first travel from Shishi to Xiamen, which is about two hours away, and then travel by train or plane from Xiamen to Yiwu. If you travel by train, the distance between Xiamen and Yiwu is about 1,000 km; train travel time is 20 hours. If you fly, flight time from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport to Yiwu Aiport is a little over one hour.

You may also find long distance buses from Shishi to Yiwu. Given the distance, it is going to be a rather long bus ride. Such buses often have sleeping berths on them. Still, it is not going to be a very comfortable trip.