Travel between Ningbo and Hong Kong

Q: What is the distance between Ningbo City & Hong Kong?

The distance between Hong Kong and Ningbo is approximately 1,800 kilometers or 1,120 miles. If you travel by plane, flight time is about two hours. There are daily flights between Ningbo and Hong Kong, operated by China Eastern Airlines and Dragonair. The airport that serves Ningbo is Leshe Airport.

You can also travel by train, and there are a number of ways to do so. You can, for instance, take the express train from Hong Kong (Kowloon) to Shanghai and then travel by coach or train from Shanghai to Ningbo. Train travel time from Hong Kong to Shanghai is about 20 hours. By coach, travel time from Shanghai to Ningbo is about three hours. By train it is about four hours.

Another option is to travel first from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, by train or bus. It is a trip of about two hours. You can then take a train in Guangzhou that goes from Guangzhou to Ningbo. Train travel time from Guangzhou to Ningbo is about 21 hours.