Travel within China - booking hotels and flights

Q: Hi, I am going to be in China next week. I do not have a fixed itinerary but I need to fly between various cities and arrange accommodation at a days notice. Is it possible to book e tickets and accommocation using credit cards or pay pal and get instant confirmation. If so could you recommend a site/company with proven security and service. Thank you.

Two of the better known travel web sites in China are and

The English version of is here: Here you'll find their payment information (they accept credit cards):

One web site based in the U.S. where you can book domestic flights of China is

There are many travel agencies in China. Two of the more established operations are China Travel Service (CTS) and China International Travel Service (CITS). They used to be owned by the state. There are many branch offices of these two agencies. For instance, you can reach the Hong Kong operations of China Travel Service here: The English website for CTS Head Office in Beijing is

CITS have operations in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney). You can find their information here:

You can, of course, search and book your hotels here: China Travel Advice - Hotels

As mentioned above, there are many travel agencies in China that can help you with booking hotels and flights. If you have found hotel to stay in China, that hotel, for a little fee, may also help you with booking your flights or hotels on the remamining part of your itinerary.