Large bookstores in Beijing

Q: Could you please tell me where I can find the largest bookstore or bookstores in Beijing? I know there is one on Wangfujing Street.

Yes, there is a large bookstore on Wangfujing Street, which is located not too far away from Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It is Xinhua Shudian (New China Bookstore), which is bookstore chained used to be owned by the state. Xinhua Shudian can be found all across China. The one on Wangfujing Street is housed in building of four or five floors.

Another large bookstore in Beijing, larger than the one on Wangfujing Street, is Xidan Tushu Dasha(Xidan Books Plaza). Whereas Wangfujing is east of Tiananmen Square, Xidan is a street west of the square - Changan Avenue connect the three places.

In Haidian District, which forms the northwestern corner of Beijing, there is Haidian Tushu Cheng (Haidian Books City). Constructed in the early 1990s, the complex is consisted of over a dozen buildings that house a multitude of bookstores, large and small. The book shopping center is located on Haidian Dajie (Haidian Avenue), off the Fourth Beltway, and is close to many colleges and universities in Beijing.

Two other large places to buy books are Tianshuiyuan Tushu Cheng (Tianshuiyuan Books City) and Guoji Tushu Cheng (International Books City). These two shoppoing centers are for both retail and wholesale. They're good places go to if one intends to books in large quantities. Tianshuyuan Tushu Cheng is located in Chaoyang District, which in the eastern part of Beijing and is not too far from the embassy district and what is known as Beijing's "Central Business District." This shopping center for books for created for individual and private booksellers. Guojing Tushu Cheng is located farther east, in a satellite city of of Beijing - Tongzhou. This is a wholesale shopping center for books operated by China's Xinhua Group.