Trip Plan to visit Dongguan, Wenzhou, Yiwu and Shanghai

Q: Please, I need to visit Dongguan, Wenzhou and Yiwu on a trip to China. In what order should I go to these cities so that I do not have to go longer ways? Assuming I arrive in, and leave from, Hong Kong. What are the ways of transport? Thanks a lot.

The sensible way to make the trip seems to follow the route of Hong Kong - Dongguan - Wenzhou - Yiwu - Shanghai - Hong Kong.

Dongguan is about an hour and half outside Hong Kong, so you can make it your first stop. You can get there from Hong Kong by train or bus.

Wenzhou is some distance from Dongguan, approximately 1,200 km (750 ml). You can get to Wenzhou by plane, either out of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport or Shenzhen Baoan Airport. The airpport Wenzhou is Yongqiang Airport. Flight time is an hour and forty minutes.

If you prefer train, you will have to go first from Dongguan to Guangzhou (about an hour's bus or train ride) and board a train in at Guangzhou Railway Station. Train travel time from Guangzhou to Wenzhou is 1,650 km (1,000 ml) - yes, the railway is circuitous and therefore a longer way. Train travel time is 22 hours. In comparison, if you take a long distance from Dongguan to go to Wenzhou, it will be a bus ride of 15 hours. Either way, you need to get yourself a sleeping berth.

Yiwu is about 300 km (185 ml) northwest of Wenzhou. You can travel by train or bus between these two cities. By train the travel time ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 hours. If you travel by bus, it takes about 4 hours.

From Yiwu to Shanghai it is another 300 km or so, by train or bus. There are some fast trains between these two cities, the fastest can you from Yiwu to Shanghai in 2.5 hours.

From Shanghai you can either fly or travel by train back to Hong Kong. Flight time is about 2.5 hours. There is also expression train service between Shanghai and Hong Kong (Hung Hom Station in Kowloon). The train runs every other day. The train departs from Shanghai in the late afternoon evening and arrive at Hung Hom Station around noon time. Train travel time is about 20 hours.

You can, of course, reverse your trip itinerary, travel first from Hong Kong to Shanghai first and then make your way southward backt to Hong Kong. You can also fly from your home country to either Shanghai or Hong Kong and the fly back home from Hong Kong or Shanghai.