Flight time Beijing-Shenzhen

Q: How many hours to fly from Beijing to Shenzhen?

Flight time from Beijing to Shenzhen is about two hour and fifty minutes. Planes depart from Beijing Capital Airport and arrive at Shenzhen Baoan Airport. Among airlines that operate direct flights between the two cities are Air China, China Southern Airlines, and Shenzhen Airline.

The distance between Beijing and Shenzhen is 2,370 km (1,480 ml). If you travel by train, depending on which train you are on, it is a train ride of 23 to 29 hours. The trains depart from Beijing Xi Zhan (Beijing Railway West Station), not Beijing Railway Station.

If you book your flights right, you can probably fly from Beijing to Shenzhen for about 800 Chinese dollars, one way. If you travel by train, in a soft sleeping berth, the cost is a little less, but not by much.