Travel from Wuhan to Yichang Three Gorges Dam

Q: How far is Yichang from Wuhan? How can I get there from Wuhan? If I take bus to go to Yichang, where in Wuhan do I board the bus? How long does it take to tour the Three Gorges Dam?

Yichang is about 350 km from Wuhan. If you travel by train, you go to Hankou Railway Station (not Wuchang Railway Station, which is also in Wuhan). There are two Yichang-bound trains that depart from Hankou Station, one leaves in early in the morning and the other around noon time. Train travel time is four and a half hour.

If travel by long distance coach, you should find Yichang-bound buses at most of the long distance bus stations in Wuhan. In Hankou there is a bus station at Xinhua Road. In Wuchang there is Fujiapo Bus Station. In Hanyang there is the Keyun Zhongxin (Passenger Transportation Center). Hankou, Wuchang, Hanyang are the three parts of Wuhan, by two rivers that converge here. Make sure you take one of those express buses that go by the freeway instead of those those buses that make a lot of local stops. Bus travel time is approximately four hours.

There are three or four places where you can tour and take a look at the Three Gorges from different viewpoints. On Tanziling viewing platform you will get an overview of the dam and surrounding area. There are two other viewing platforms, respectively known as 185 and 82, referring to its height. You should be able to tour the site in half a day.