How far is Wuxi to Shanghai?

Q:What is the mode of transportation available in Wuxi to go Shanghai? And how many hours of travelling is needed?

You can travel from Wuxi to Shanghai by train or bus. By rail, Wuxi is about 125 km from Shanghai. (Wuxi is northwest of Shanghai). Many trains make a stop in Wuxi and go on to Shanghai. Depending on which train you go by, travel time is one to two hours. Among the fasters, there are two Shanghai-bound trains that originate in Wuxi. One leaves about 7:00 in the morning and the other depart at 8:00 in the evening. They arrive in Shanghai about an hour later. So these are like commute trains.

You can also get from Wuxi to Shanghai by bus. Buses depart frequently during the day. Make sure you know where in Shanghai is your bus's destination. Different buses go to different places in Shanghai, Shanghai Railway Station, Hengfeng Road, etc. Since Shanghai is a large city, find this out before you get on a bus will save you the trouble of travling across half of Shanghai. The main long distance bus station is Wuxi Qiche Zhan (Wuxi Bus Station). It is located next to Wuxi Railway Station. Their phone number is 8258 8188. There is also a smaller bus station, Wuxi Qiche Xi Zhan (Wuxi Bus Station West).

Because of the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, there seems to have been some changes in China's visa requirement for citizens of Singapore.


Q1:Is there a bus service between Wuxi and Xiamen. If so do you have the times?

Q2: Do you also have the times for the buses from Wuxi to Pudong Airport?

By highway, the distance between Wuxi and Xiamen is approximately 1,100 km; probably more depending on the route followed. There is bus service from Wuxi to Xiamen, but this is not the best way to go as travel time is very long. Bus fare is about 350 yuan. You'll probably get a sleeper for this. For such a long trip, train travel is generally considered safer and more comfortable than bus travel. If you do want to go by bus, you should be able to find the Xiamen-bound bus at Wuxi Qiche Bei Zhan (Wuxi Long Distance Bus Northern Station). The bus departs in the afternoon and arrives the next day.

There is no direct train between Wuxi and Xiamen. If you want to travel by train, you need to go to Shanghai first. There is one train that goes from Shanghai South station to Xiamen. It departs at about 6:00 pm and arrives in Xiamen 23 hours later. So it is a long trip too and you definitely need a sleeping berth. A hard-sleeper ticket costs about 290 yuan; a soft-sleeper ticket, about 430 yuan. By train, from Wuxi to Shanghai it is a trip of 1 to 2 hours, depending on which train you are on. The shortest train travel time is 55 minutes. You can of course also take a bus to get from Wuxi to Shanghai. Anyway, whereas train travel is more comfortable (if you have a sleeper ticket), you do need to make the Wuxi-Shanghai connection.

Wuxi has a small airport but does not seem to have flights to Xiamen. From Wuxi to Shanghai Pudong Airport it is approximately 180 km; travel time is about 3 hours (should consider traffic conditions). Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is closer; it is about 130 km from Wuxi. There are flights to Xiamen from both Pudong and Hongqiao airports. Airfares vary depending on circumstances; you can probably get a one way ticket from Shanghai to Xiamen in the range of 500-900 yuan.

You should be able to find buses to Hongqiao and Pudong airports at Wuxi Long Distance Bus Northern Station or Gaodunqiao Station. Some of these buses make a stop at Hongqiao Airport and then move on to Pudong Airport. Bus fare is 80-100 yuan. Wuxi Long Distance Bus Northern Station is next to Wuxi Railway Station. There are departures from morning through afternoon; the latest bus is aobut 4:00 pm.

The shortest train travel time is 55 minutes. You can of course also take a bus to get from Wuxi to Shanghai.

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