Transportation route from Beinjing to Shenzhen

Q: What are the transportation routes from Beinjing to Shenzhen? What is the distance?

You can fly from Beijing to Shenzhen. Flight time between the two cities is two hours. Flights depart from Beijing Capital Airport and arrives at Shenzhen Baoan Airport.

There is direct train connection between Beijing and Shenzhen. Depending on which train you travel by, the trip lasts 23 to 29 hours. The distance between the two cities is approximately 2,400 kilometers or 1,500 miles. Trains depart late in the evening. They depart from Beijing West Railway Station (Beijing Xi Zhan), not Beijing Railway Station (Beijing Zhan) or any other railway stations in Beijing. You need to get yourself a sleeping berth (soft or hard) for such a long journey.

Travel by train is less expensive. Depending on how you book your flights, one flight from Beijing to Shenzhen may cost around 1,500 Chinese dollars. Travely by train, with a soft berth, costs rouhly half of that. Of course it is a long train ride.