Distance between Yueyang and Nanjing

Q: Please advise the distance (in Km) from Yueyang to Nanjing, China.

Yueyang does not have an airport of its own. It is about three hours away from Changsha Huanghua Airport, by bus (or train to downtown Changsha, then bus to the airport). From Changsha to Nanjing, it is a flight of a little over one hour.

If you go by train, the distance between Yueyang and Nanjing is approximately 1,000 kilometers. However, there is no direct train service between the two cities. If you choose to go by train, you need to make a connection. You can, for instance, travel first from Yueyang to Wuhan by train (or bus). By train this is a trip of three and a half hour. From Wuhan to Nanjing there is one direct train, which departs in the evening and arrive in Nanjing early in the morning - an overnight train ride of 11 hours. You need a sleeping berth for this. Another way to make the train connection is to go first from Yueyang to Fuyang. This is a train ride of six hours. From Fuyang you can then take a train that goes to Nanjing; this leg of the trip lasts five hours or so.

There is uncertainty in traveling whenever you have to make a train connection - the problem is if you can get the train ticket you need in the connection city, especially if it is a ticket for a sleeping berth, which may be hard to come by.

There are a couple of railway stations in Wuhan. The one involved in this case is Hankou Railway Station, not Wuchang Railway Station.

You can also travel by long distance coach. There are buses bound for Shanghai which make a stop in Nanjing. Travel time is 9 to 10 hours. You (with the help of someone) may try to call this number to ask for information about buses that depart from Yueyang - 0730-8227458. Make sure your bus does stop in Nanjing and find out where in Nanjing it stops. Some buses have sleeping berths on them. There are several long distance bus stations in Yueyang. Generally, in China, it is more comfortable - and safer - to travel by train than by bus, especially if it is a long trip. On the other hand, in this case, there is a train connection to make...