Trips from Sanya, Haikou to Guangzhou

Q: I will be in Sanya for a couple of days and will then visit Haikou. From Haikou I will travel to Guangzhou. How can I make the trips? Can I take train or bus? Or must I fly? I know there is a sea strait between Hainan and the mainland of China.

You can travel by train. From Sanya to Haikou it is a train ride of a little over three hours. There is also train link between Haikou and Guangzhou (they ferry trains across Qionghai Strait to the mainland - this takes about an hour). The train ride from Haikou to Guangzhou lasts about 10 hours. These are overnight trains; you should get sleeping berths.

One can also take a long distance bus to get from Sanya to Haikou. Travel time is roughly the same as the train ride, maybe a little longer. There are also coach services between Haikou and Guangzhou, but it is a rather long trip, usually an overnight bus ride. Generally it is safer and more comfortable to travel by train. The distance between Haikou and Guangzhou is approximately 900 km.

There are flights from Haikou to Guangzhou. Flight time between the two cities is one hour. It is more expensive to fly. Train travel costs a little bit more than a bus ride.