Travel by bus from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou

Q: How much time will it take to travel from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou by bus?

The distance between Zhengzhou and Guangzhou is about 1,600 km (1,000 ml). You can travel by bus from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou by bus, but it is going to be a rather long journey, around 16 hours if traffic is not bad. Most people would go by train or plane. Although it takes as long, even longer, to get from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou by train, it seems to be a more comfortable way to go since there is a little space on a train (you should to get a sleeping berth for the trip - long distance buses also have sleeping berths on them). Also trains are more punctural whereas buses are likely affected by road conditions, traffic, etc. Faster trains travel the distance from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou in about 15 hours. Slower trains make the trip in 20 hours. If you have a soft sleeping berth on a train, ticket is about 500 Chinese dollars. If you go by bus, the cost is a little less, but not by much. Train tickets can be purchased some days in advance, ten days or so or more, if it is not holiday time.

There are two major long distance bus stations in Zhengzhou. Most likely you will find your bus at Zhengzhou Changtu Qiche Zhongxin Zhan (Zhengzhou Long Distance Bus Central Station). This station is located next to Zhengzhou Railway Station.

There are daily flights from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou, operated by a number of airlines. Fares vary a great deal depending what you can get for yourself, ranging from roughly the same cost of train travel to double the train ticket. Flight time is about two hours. The airport that serves Zhengzhou is Xinzheng Airport while the airport for Guangzhou is the (new) Baiyun Airport.