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Getting Shenzhen Visa in Hong Kong for Russian Citizen

Q: My friend is a Russian holding a Russian passport is going to Shenzhen, China in November 2010 for a few days for leisure trip. May I know how does a Russian obtain a tourist/visitor visa in Hong Kong? Where should she apply the visa in Hong Kong?

Train travel from Xiamen to Wenzhou

Q: Train travel from xiamen to Wenzhou?

Distance between Wenzhou in Zhejiang and Wuxi in Jiangsu

Q: Distance between Wenzhou city, Zhejiang and Wuxi, Jiangsu please.

Travel from Shenzhen to Jieyang

Q: Am planning bringing my parents visit to his brother at China. May I know how much it will cost me by taxi from Luohu (Shenzhen) to Lihu (Jieyang)?

Kaiping in Guangdong province to Guangzhou airport

Q: Hi, I need to go from Kaiping to Guangzhou airport and vice versa.

Two days tour outside Beijing

Q: I've two free days in Beijing area and I've been in the clasic tourist areas, Great Wall . . ., any sugestions for first week of november? other city? Thanks.

Reading the Chinese text with characters

Q: Could you please include Chinese characters to the names of cities or places mentioned in your replies for easier identification. Than you.

Guilin Hotel and Attractions

Q: I'll be staying at New Century Hotel Guilin. I would like to know the following: - (a)What is the nearest tourist attraction around? (b)I would like to go to Li River and "Liu San Jie" area, how do i get there from my hotel? (c)What is the local delicacy around?

Train travel in April and holiday traffic

Q: I'm going the last two weeks of April 2011 to Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong by train. is it the the movement of domestic tourists dificult by then? can i travel by train in those two weeks without dificulty? Thanks.

Travel to Puning and find hotel in Liusha, Puning

Q: I am travelling from Guangzhou to Liusha town in Puning City. What are the alternative ways to travel there, how long will it take and what are the costs please. I also need some hotel information in Liusha town - 3 and 4 star, please. Thanks very much.

Find Guilin Fashion and Hair Extension Supplier

Q: I would like to know if there is any supplier for man & women clothes or hair extension that can be found in Guilin?

Landing Visa of Shenzhen and Shantou

Q: I'm going to Shenzhen with my family which is 7 of us probably middle of October 2010. Can we apply 5 days Landing visa at Luohu station if we go from Hong kong ? Scond of all, can this visa going to Shantou (Cao-Zhou) for few days ?

Distance from Guilin to Qingdao and Guangzhou to Qingdao

Q: By train or flight, how far is the distance from Guilin to Qingdao? Guangzhou to Qingdao? Which route is nearer? May i know the budget hotel and backpakers hostel around Qingdao as well. Thanks.

Arrange Tour of the Great Wall at Mutianyu

Q: I am travelling to Beijing in a month and want to go to Mutianyu Great Wall. Should I book a tour before I go or just wait until I arrive and book at the hotel - what is the cheaper option.

policy for locking luggage in china

Q: I will be traveling throughout china for an international program through my school. We will be traveling by boat, train, and air occasionally sending our luggage ahead of us.

Spell Ling in Chinese

Q: How do you spell "Ling" in Chinese?