St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai

The Chinese call it Xujiahui Tianzhu Jiaotang, meaning “Catholic Cathedral in Xujiahui.” The district in which the church is located derived it name from the Xu family that used to reside there. A prominent member of the Xu clan was Xu Guangqi (1562-1633). A high-level official of the Ming Dynasty, Xu Guangqi was also one of China’s earliest and most celebrated Christian converts, who worked with Jesuit missionaries such as Matteo Ricci in translating Christian and other Western works into Chinese.[img_assist|nid=11|title=St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai - Xujiahui Tiezhu Jiaotang|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=160|height=107]

St. Ignatius Cathedral, built by French Jesuits, is located close to the tomb of Xu Guangqi. The construction of the church started in 1906 and building was completed in 1910. With the capacity of holding over two thousand parishioners, the house of worship was known as the time as the grandest cathedral in East Asia.

St. Ignatius Cathedral is the mother church of Roman Catholic Diocese of Shanghai.

Visitors can easily reach St. Ignatius Cathedral by taking a subway train – Shanghai Metro Line 1 – and get off at Xujiahui Station.

As one can see in the photograph shown here, St. Ignatius Cathedral in Xujiahui is now surrounded by quite a few modern high-rise buildings.