Beijing Railroad Museum

The oldest railway station in Beijing was built in 1906. Back then China was still under the rule of the Qing Dynasty, with a powerful woman (ironic for an ultra-conservative country) in charge of an vast empire. The idea of building putting a railroad terminal right outside the then walled city of Beijing shocked many Chinese, who believed that such action would destroy the good fengshui. In the end, however, the railway and the station were constructed, with the station located next to the southern gate of the "inner" city of Being. Hence the name Qianmen Station (Front Gate Station).

In the following decades, quite a few new railway stations were built for Beijing, and train services at the Qianmen Station, now located right in the heart of the nation's capital, were discontinued. In recent years, the old spacious building was converted into a museum. Exhibited at the place are dozens of old locomotives, both Chinese- and foreign-made, which illustrates the growth of railroad transportation in China. The museum stands at the southeastern corner of the Tiananmen Square.