Maglev Train in Shanghai


Maglev is short for "Magnetically Levitation." It is a new technology used to suspend a train up in the air, making it hover above rails so that the train can move forward with little resistance. The technology came to fruition in the 1990s. In year 2000, China started to build a rapid transportation system based on maglev techonology. The transrapid system came into commercial use in 2004. Traveling on this rail line, passengers can cover 30 km (18.6 ml) in just seven minutes, making their way from Longyang Road in Shanghai to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The top speed of the maglev train in shanghai is above 430 km/h or 268 mph. Currently, one-way trip ticket on Shanghai Malev Train is ¥50 and roundtrip ¥80.