Chinese Phrase: You, I, He

You, I, He.


 Ni, wo, ta (You, I [me], he [him] [she, it]).


This is not actually a phrase, just references to first, seond and third person. "Ni" means "you." "Wo" is "I" or "me." And "ta" means "he" or "him" or "she" or "her" or, right, "it." In Chinese, insofar as pronunciation goes, there is no difference among "he," "she" and "it" - they all sound "ta" even though in writing the characters look different. Additionally, in Chinese, both written and spoken, there is no distinction between "I" and "me," nor between "he" and "him," nor between "she" and "her." "Wo" means both "I" and "me," and "ta" means both "he" and "him" as well as "she" and "her."