Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST)

Medifirst has completed an agreement with Dr. Gupta Pharma
LLC to distribute a line of premium
#CBD oils.

MFST is an enticing Small
Cap company with 3 amazing businesses: #CBD Company, FDA approved Laser,
specialty pharmacy drug and consulting services. Very low Stock structure.

Medifirst MFST has completed an agreement with Dr. Gupta Pharma LLC
to distribute a line of premium

oils. Dr. Sanjay
Gupta, not related to Dr. Gupta of CNN, is a Harvard-trained physician who
specializes in the treatment of pain, has significant experience using
Marijuana and #CBD for treating pain. As the President of the American Pain
Association, Dr. Gupta believes that #CBD, used under the guidance of a
physician, can play a significant role in reducing pain and helping to curb the
opioid epidemic. Additionally, he believes #CBD can play a major role in
overall health and wellness but, he concedes, CBD remains underutilized as
there is a substantial lack of education and stigma from public and healthcare
providers with regards to the benefits of #CBD. Dr. Gupta and the American Pain
Association recently completed a 10-city tour to meet with governors and
lawmakers regarding how to educate the public about benefits of #CBD, is a
staunch supporter of
#CBD and is on the front-lines of bringing CBD to the
mainstream medical community.  The
American Pain Association is currently initiating several studies on #CBD in
conjunction with various prestigious Medical school faculties across North
America. Based on his clinical and research work and using proprietary patented
methods, Dr. Gupta has created #CBD wellness products that he believes can
benefit patients suffering from many different health conditions.
MFST is expected to provide details about its new CBD
division and the distribution agreement entered into with Dr. Gupta Pharma LLC
in a Current Report on Form 8-

Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST) established in 2011, has an FDA cleared revolutionary and
innovative laser technology and in a recently announced new division, offers
specialty pharmacy drug and consulting services. MFST just announced huge news.
Concierge Concepts Rx (CCRx), a division of Medifirst Solutions, has signed an
exclusive three-year Specialty Pharmacy Consulting Agreement with QuickChek, a
New Jersey based, billion-dollar company that owns 153 convenience stores
including pharmacy services. They have 4000 employees in New Jersey and New
York locations. There is no hotter sector in the pharmaceutical industry than
specially drugs. Industry analysts project the total pharmaceutical industry to
exceed $483 billion in 2020, with specialty pharmaceuticals making up 44% of
the revenue. Traditional and chain pharmacies do not have the expertise and
know-how to dispense, administer
and bill special drugs and therefore there is a great demand for
these services. While pharmacies revenues are steadily decreasing over the last
5 years, specialty drugs present a venue for rapid growth. This division will
add real value to the company.

MFST FDA cleared Time Machine
Infrared Laser (TML) is an effective all natural, drug free option for people
suffering from acute and chronic pain who exhausted traditional forms of
treatment including injections, pills and surgery. Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST) calls it
revolutionary because it has the power of a large stationary unit engineered
into a small mobile hand-held laser with pinpoint accuracy. Many people see
great results after just one treatment. That’s amazing! The TML is mainly used
to alleviate pain but is also used to alleviate inflammation that is often the
root of pain in these situations. The company has lasers in the pipeline with a
Green Laser for anti-aging and cosmetic usage that it is preparing for FDA
submission. Non-invasive treatments for anti-aging is one of the biggest growth
sectors for the cosmetic industry. We live in a day and age where opioid
addiction is severely on the rise, so much so that there are millions of people
that are hopelessly addicted to opioids. 

Visit Medifirst Solutions (OTC:
) website for more information
and see some great testimonials and laser demonstrations. Medifirst
Solutions (OTC: MFST)
 is poised to become a serious
player in the healthcare sector. MFST
is definitely a public company to add to your due diligence list.