How to Get Equipment in MapleStory M

If you’re going to consider all in the enemies and obstacles that’ll get within your way with your adventure in [url=]Maplestory M Mesos[/url]  , you’ll must have some decent equipment for you. We’re not simply talking around the stuff you receive your practical at the start of the sport, however you’ll must keep upgrading and having better equipment to be able to take around the tougher tests in MapleStory M.
In order to obtain equipment in MapleStory M, you’re going to should open a good amount of treasure boxes. You’ll get certainly one of these without cost each day you log-in, or you may spend 50,000 [url=]Maplestory Mobile Mesos[/url] to get one. Alternatively, treasure boxes may be found inside game’s Elite Dungeons, in the event you feel confident in taking them on.
Equipment may be acquired in MapleStory M from acquiring the stuff at any Trade Stations you find inside the game, so ensure you’ve got a good amount of Meso saved up for getting your hands within the weapons you want.

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