Visit 大长咙

I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  I plan to visit 大长咙春 of 普宁 in September 2017. That's where my anchetoral land.

Our group which will travel together consist of at least 10 pax. 

I have checked and we are abke to fly directly from KUL-SWA (kuala lumpur - swatau) from there we can take train or coach to Pu Ning.


My question are:

1. To go the visit 大长咙春, is it advisable to stay at jotel if any in the village or should we just stay at Puning area hotel. Which hotel? 

2. Are there any tour company that can take us site seeing in area of interest around Puning and neighborhood city / town. 

3. What are the 'not to miss' places that we could consider site seeing.

4. I want to trace my family root at 大长咙春, where can do it?






It looks like you're referring to 大长陇村 (Dachanglong Cun, Dachanglong Village), which is a village within Junbu Township, Puning County. The village is about 15 kilometers from the urban center of Puning City, connected with a high way. If you want to stay in Puning and go from there to visit the village, it would not be too much of a trip. Dachanglong is a village/town with aobut 40,000 people, but we're not sure about the accommodation there. Since there are 10 or so visitors in your group, one possible way to deal with the logistics is for you to lease a van on a daily basis or for a few days, along with a driver/guide. This way you can go wherever you want to go. The cost, when shared by members in your group, shouldn't be too much.

If you do not feel that you know the local area well enough to hire van and driver/guide on your own, you can probably contract a travel agency. There are quite a few tour companies in the few cities nearby - Puning, Jieyang and Shantou. In Puning itself, for example, there are the following.

Puning Overseas Chinese Travel Agency (Puning Qiaolian Lvxingshe). No. 7 Xinhe Xi Lu (Xinhe West Road), Liusha Zhen (Liusha Township), Puning. Tel.: 0663-2222328.

Puning CTS (China Travel Services). No. 5 Hexi Road, Liusha Township, Puning. Tel.: 0663-2223910.

Meilin Travel ( No. 21 Liusha Dadao Xi (Liusha Ave West), Puning. Tel.: 0663-2243618.

There are large numbers of hotels in Puning. Depending on class, prices range from ¥100 to ¥500. You can ckecked them out here:

or here:

There are some attractions in the local areas, such as temples, old residential compounds, warm springs. But most overseas Chinese visit Puning, like you, to trace their ancestral roots. Since you'll be traveling to China anyway, you may want to look around Dachanglong, but may also want to do a little more sightseeing in a larger area. In general, Puning being the
hometown of large numbers of overseas Chinese, local agencies should be
experienced in serving visitors like you.

As for tracing ancestral roots, it appears most people living in Dachanglong bear the surname Chen, so they should have pretty good information on the family tree. In the village there dozens family temples; they must be for different branches of the clan. See if you could get into contact with someone local. Or maybe you can ask travel agency for help if you intend to work with one.