Is there any small goods wholesale market in Linyi

Hi everybody, i am planning to visit Linyi next month, Is there any small goods wholesale market in Linyi ? same as Futian Market in YIWU.


Linyi in Shandong province is a major distribution center for small goods in East China. There are quite some wholesale markets in the area, specializing in various categories of products. Lanshan District has the largest concentration of the wholesale markets. Below are a few more notable ones.

Linyi Small Goods City (Linyi Xiao Shangpin Cheng). This wholesale complex hosts over a thousand stores shops, which deal in a wide range of goods, including electronics, hardwares, handcrafts, sports goods, cosmetics, etc. Address: 156 Jucai Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China.

Linyi Yongxing International Toys Wholesale Markt (Linyi Wanju Bifa Shichang). Over 600 shops selling toys. Address: Intersection of Langyawang Road and Shuitian Road.

Linyi Hardwares Wholesale Markt (Linyi Wujin Pifa Shichang). Over a thousand shops trading in hardwares. Address: Intersection of Mengshan Dadao (Mengshan Ave) and Jiefang Lu (Jiefang Road).

Linyi Huafeng Apparels Wholesale Market (Linyi Huafeng Fuzhuang Pifa Shichang). Intersection of Jiefang Road and Tongda Road.

Linyi Wholesale Market for Household Electronics and Kitchen and Bath Goods (Linyi Jiadian Chuwei Cheng). About one thousand shops/stalls. Intersection Langyawang and Yucai Road.

Linyi Auto and Motor Parts City (Linyi Qi Mo Pei Cheng). On Gongye Ave (Gongye Dadao), between Yucai Road and Beiyuan Road.

Linyi Zhanqian Market (Linyi Train-Station Market). Deals in hardwares, paints, chemicals, auto parts, machinery, electronics. As the market's name indicates, it is next to Linyi Railway Station.