Wholesale Markets of Bags for fresh and stocklots products

Hi There

I am irfan khan from Pakistan. I have been importing bags (School bags, hiking bags, laptop backpacks, luggage and trolley bags etc) from china (Yiwu, Baigou, Guangzhou and Dongguan).
My Question is that please let me know if there are some other markets (Wholeslae, Commodity) where I can find bags of all types, not only fresh items, but also in stocks lots. please give full detail of the market with addresses and contact numbers and websites. I will be very thankful to you for your favor.

The markets you've visited are among the leading outlets for bags and suitcases in China. Beyond those places, Shanghai is probably another major destination, which you may have been too as it is not far from Yiwu.

In Shanghai, there are a number of wholesale markets that feature bags, suitcases and leather goods. One is Shanghai Xiangbao Cheng (Shanghai Suitcase and Bag City). It is said that there are over a thousand shop/stalls doing business at this establishment, with some desgin and production sites nearby. Address: No. 6328 Xinfeng Highway, Fengcheng Township, Shanghai (Shanghai Shi, Fengcheng Zhen, Xinfeng Gonglu 6328 Hao). Tel.: (021) 5751-3166.

Another place of interest is Shanghai Xinjinpu Piju Xiangbao Cheng (Shanghai Xinjinpu Shopping City for Leather Goods, Suitcases and Bags). It is said that market has about 600 shops and stalls. Address: No. 258 Qipulu Pedestrian Street, Zhabei District, Shanghai (Shanghai Shi, Zhabei Qu, Qipulu Buxing Jie, 258 Hao). Tel.: (021) 6364-1999,  6393-5555.

In Shanghai there is also Shanghai Guoji Xiangbao Jiaoyi Zhongxin (Shanghai Suitcase and Bag International Trading Center. This is located at No. 1515 Second Zhongshan Road North, Hongkou District, Shanghai (Shanghai Shi, Hongkou Qu, Zhongshan Bei Er Lu, 1515 Hao. Tel.: (021) 5752-6766.

Not far Shanghai, in Hangzhou, there is Qianjiang Xielei Xiangbao Pifa Shichang (Hangzhou Shoes, Suitcases and Bags Wholesale Market. This is located at No. 461 Shangtang Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou (Hangzhou Shi, Gongshu Qu, Shangtang Lu, 461 Hao).

There are some wholesale markets in Beijing, but Baigou is nearby, which offers more.

In the Northeast, one place to find leather goods is Nanpi Leather Goods Wholesale Market (Nanbi Piju Pifa Shichang). This located in Haicheng, Liaoning Province, close by Nantai Raiway Station.

In Shandong Province, Linyi is a regional small goods distribution center. There is, for example, Huanfeng Xiangbao Shichang (Huafeng Market for Suitcases and Bags, with a couple of shops/stalls. But goods here may have come from producers from other locations in China. Address: No. 245, Tongda Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City (Shandong Sheng, Linyi Shi, Lanshan Qu, Tongda Lu, 245 Hao).