taxi fares in Wuhan, Yichang and Zhangjiajie

May i know what is the current rate for taxi in Wuhan, Yichang and Zhangjiajie please.

In Wuhan, taxi charge is ¥10 for the first 3 km and ¥2 for every additional kilometer. If it is a one way trip to a place where the taxi to make the return trip without passenger, they may charge 50% more for the distance above 10 km.

In Yichang, taxi fare is ¥2 for the first 2 km and ¥1.4 for each additional km. For a ride longer than 7 km, there may be a 50% "return empty" charge on top of the normal rate for each additional km.

The urban center of Zhangjiajie is a small place. Taxi fare is ¥5 for the first 2 km and ¥1.6 for each additional km. There may also be a small fuel-surcharge. If you take a taxi to go from Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport to go to the city, it's normally ¥15-20 during the day and ¥30 at night. If you want to go to Zhangjiajie scenic zone by taxi, it may take ¥100. The thing is, the smaller a city is, the more likely there will be irregularity in taxi fares. Some drivers in small cities won't turn on meters and instead will just ask for a certain amount for your ride. This means bargaining and it's difficult for someone from outside, so one should be careful with kind of practice. In a situation like this, reach a clear agreement with the driver before you go on your trip with him.