Bus travel from Wuhan to Yichang

Dear Sir/madam,

May i know whether there is a bus going from Wuhan to Yichang and where are the station to boar the bus.
How much would it cost per person and what is the time schedule of the bus.

thank you.


Hi Lynn. You should be able to find Yichang-bound long distance buses that depart from Hanyang Passenger Transportation Center (Hanyang Keyun Zhan) and Fujiapo Long Distance Bus Station (Fujiapo Qiche Keyun Zhan). Hanyang Passenger Transportation Center is located at 275 Hanyang Dadao (Hanyang Ave) in Hanyang District of Wuhan. Fujiapo Long Distance Bus Station is at 358 Wuluo Lu (Wuluo Road) in Wuchang District. There should quite a few departures during the day, especially at Hanyang Passenger Transportation Center. There are a couple of other stations where Yichang-bound buses depart, such as Hanghai Bus Station (Hanghai Bus Station), but Hanyang Bus Station and Fojiapo Bus Station (especially the former) seem to have the most departures. Buses depart from Hanyang Bus Station hourly from early morning to about 6:00 pm.

By highway distance between Wuhan and Yichang is about 375 km, and bus ride time should be 4 hours or a little longer. Bus fare is around ¥80-100 depending on conditions of the buses (air-conditioned, etc.).

Actually you can take fast trains to go from Wuhan to Yichang nowadays. If you board a D or G train at Hankou Railway Station or Wuhan Railway Station, you can get to Yichang in two hours. There are quite a few departures during the day and night. Train fare is about the same as bus fare. Hankou Railway Station is located in the city whereas Wuhan Railway Station, the new station, is located in the eastern suburb of Wuhan. These trains arrive at Yichang East Train Station instead of the old Yichang Railway Station.