How much foreign currency can I get in China?

Foreign currency here mean US dollar, British pound, etc. Suppose I've gotten some Chinese yuan (RMB) and I want to convert the money into foreign currencies before leaving China, I expect there will be some kind of regulation over this. Is there a limit how much foreign money I can convert from my Chinese dollars?

If you are a travel who visit China on short terms, you can convert certain amount of your Chinese currency Yuan into foreign money such as US$ for up to $500 per day. Inside airports (outside Chinese customs), the amount goes up to $1,000.  If you're on your way of China, and you still have some Chinese Yuan (RMB) that you have gotten from a Chinese back upon your arrival in China, bring your passport and transaction receipt to have the money converted back to foreign currency.

If you work in China, you can convert more money into foreign currencies. To do this you need to show the bank your passport, employment documents, etc. Theoretically each person can send up to $50,000 out of China. If you want to send more, the amount will spread over longer periods - for instance, $75,000 means that $25,000 is allocated to the year after the current year. The money, however, must be your wages or some other kinds of income that you've made in China, for which you have evidence as indicated above. If you're doing business with companies, etc., that's different again, different from personal use.

The money that you send into China is considered different. That's your foreign currency to begin and you're not buying foreign currency with Chinese dollars. That kind of foreign currency you can take and send back out of China with no prbolem.

Currently about foreign currencies are available in China, including US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss Franc, Swedish krona, Danish krone, Norwegian krone, New Zealand dollar, British pound, Thai baht, South Africa rand, Russian ruble, Maylaysian ringgit, South Korean won, and Vietnamese dong.