Business in Ladies garments and winter jacket/trench coats

I do stock ladies garments business, and I'm looking for ladies winter long jacket and trench in Shishi city. I need to know the wholesale market where i can find these goods. In case you have any information for these markets offerinf such goods , pls dont hesitate to contact me on whats app : 00989173617613
Or wechat id: partizan1000

There are several wholesale clothing markets in Shishi. The largest is located on Nayang Road, called Shishi Fuzhuang Cheng (Shishi Clothing City). Another big wholesale market is close to Shishi Long Distance Bus Station (Shishi Qiche Zong Zhan).

There are numerous businesses in the production and sale of clothes and accessories, and it is difficult for a foreign merchant to pick a particular one to trade with. Nothing beats showing up on the gorund of course. You of course may want to look aorund to get a general idea before you set out on your trip. You may also consider the possibility of working through a translator/purchasing agent, which of course cost you money. You may also try to get started with trading companies to see what htey can tell you. Some producers, if they're small businesses, may not have the ability to work with foreign merchants. 

If you are going to travel to China, keep you in mind that Shishi is just one of those places where you'll find clothing wholesale markets. Not too far away from Shishi, in the Guangzhou area, there area also some large clothing and accessory wholesale markets, some of which concentrate in a number of small cities outside Guangzhou - for example, Humen.