What's the best way to get to Wuyan in Jiangxi?

Heard people talking about the rural scenery in Wuyuan, Jiangxi. It seems to be a small place. What would be the best way to get there and get around locally? How far is Wuyuan from Huangshan?

Wuyuan is a county located on the eastern edge of Jiangxi Province, bordering on Huangshan of Anhui Province. High-speed rail has recently been completed near Wuyuan, which is a section of the train line that runs from Hefei in the north and Fuzhou on the southern coast of China. From Huangshan North Train Station, it's a trip of 25 minutes. Wuyuan Train Station is about 3 km southeast of the county town of Wuyuan. Train is about ¥50.

One can also go by bus from Huangshan to Wuyuan. Buses depart from Hangshan City Long Distance Bus Station in Tunxi (urban center of Huangshan) a couple of times a day. Distance between Huangshan and Wuyuan is a little over 100 km, and the bus ride from Huangshan to Wuyuan lasts 2.5 to 3 hours.

Those who come from west should probably go to Jingdezhen City and then take bus there to go to Wuyuan. Distance from Jingdezhen to Wuyuan is about 80 km and travel time is a little over 2 hours.

In Wuyuan, local travel depends where you stay. If you stay in the county town of Wuyuan, you can take buses at Wuyuan Passenger Bus Station (Wuyuan Keyun Zhan) to go to various scenic spots in the county. But many people it is not very practical to stay in Wuyuan county town and try to go the rural scenic areas every day because buses may not leave and return at times that's convenient for you. Some people there suggest that tourists stay outside county town, closer to scenic destinations, such as Qinghua and other towns and villages. There are also vans and motocycles on the roads operated by individuals that provide tourists short distance transportation, between scenic areas. If you enlist their service, make sure that you know where you're going and settle on fares before hand.

Overall, since scenic areas in Wuyuan scatter in the country, it takes a little effort to get the logistics right. So if you're traveling on your own instead of going in a group, plan ahead or just try your luck. Scenic areas charge entry fees and one can buy one ticket that is good for most destinations (¥180). In terms of the order by which one tours those spots, some people suggest something like Yantian, Qinghua, Sixi, Likeng, Yueliangwan, Wankou, Jiangwan, Xiaoqi, or the other way around.  Wuyuan in recent years has become a popular destination, so there should be many visitors wandering around.