Bus from Chaoyang D Train Station to Shantou

Are there any buses from chaoyang D train station to shantou?

We assume you mean the Chaoyang Railway Station on the Xiamen-Shenzhen High-Speed Railway Line.

There should be express bus from Chaoyang Railway Station (Xia Shen Tielu Chaoyang Zhan) to Shantou Passenger Bus Central Station (Shantou Keyun Zhongxin Zhan). There are four stops on the bus line. Running hours seem to be from 6:30 to 21:30. Bus fare is like 20 Chinese dollars. There were, however, reports that the bus service was erractic and unreliable. Bus ride time is over an hour. Bus may be marked as going from "Gurao Railway Station" (Gurao Huochezhan), which is a local name for Chaoyang Railway Station.

If you hire a taxi, that may cost you about 100 Chinese dollars. Distance between Chaoyang Railway Station and Shantou Central Bus Station is about 40 km.

There are also local bus lines that connect the two places, but you have to a number of connections and the trip is going to take several hours, so not a practical way to go.

If you're taking high-speed train to go to Shantou, you probably should get off at Chaoshan Railway Station instead of Chaoyang Station. Chaoshan Railway Station is closer to central Shantou, distance being approximately 30 km. There are express buses that go from Chaoshan Railway Station into central Shantou. Bus ride lasts about 40-50 minutes.

There is also a local bus service between Chaoshan Railway Station and Shantou, Route 181. Travel time is about an hour.