Application for Visa in Shanghai and application fee

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Hello, I need a visa(one person ) upon arrival in Shanghai or any other city in China alone, as soon as possible. How much does a visa cost?

Generally you should obtain a visa to travel in China before you set out on your trip. China does not normally issue visa-upon-arrival. Such a visa is issued only in emergency cases (business, medical, etc.). In order to obtain such a visa, one should have pre-arranged documents from their Chinese contacts such as invitation letters, medical records, etc., from their business associates or family members. Travelers should not assume that they'll be able to obtain visas upon arrival to enter China. 

There are small number of exceptions. If a traveler intends to confine his stay in China to the city of Shenzhen, for example, he can apply for a 5-day visa upon arrival at one of the entry-points on the border of Hong Kong with mainland China. A similar visa for a three-day visa is possible for the city of Zhuhai. The island province of Hainan  can issue visa-upon-arrival for stays up to 30 days, and it seems that a foreign travel who has obtained this visa can travel to other parts of China too.

Generally people who want to visit mainland China should apply for their visa at the Chinese diplomatic and consular offices in the countries where they're located. They can also apply for such visa in Hong Kong. 

Application fees for China visa vary depending on one's citizenship. This is due to the reciprocal arrangement between China and a foreign country. For example, in the United States, if a U.S. citizen applies for a single-entry tourist visa, he pays $140. A foreign citizen who is applying for his China visa in the U.S. pays just $30.