Travel from Jieyang (Shantou) to HKIA

Hi, I am trying to find a bus/train from Jieyang (Shantou) in China to HongKong Airport on 8 April. I wish to catch a flight from HKIA to Singapore after the bus/train journey. Could you give me some info how best to make this journey? Thanks.

Some people say you can find coaches that go to Hong Hong at Jieyang Rongjiang Hotel. We cannot confirm that. You can try to inquire at Rongjiang Hotel (663) 8222999, located on Qishan Dadao in the Rongcheng District of Jieyang.

A few bus companies operate coaches that link Hong Kong International Airport to various destinations in Guangdong Province, but they do not seem to go out to Jieyang. You can find these bus companies at the HKIA web site, here: HKIA-Mainland China buses. One of them seem to operate buses to places to Chaoyang, which is about 50 or so from Jieyang.

If you cannot find direct coaches between Jieyang and Hong Kong Airport, you may consider other alternatives, like first traveling to places such as Chaoyang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc., and then connect from there.

You may also want to know that there are flights from Jieyang-Chaoshan Airport to Hong Kong International Airport, operted by China Southern Airlines. Departure in the morning and flight time is 55 minutes. Airfare probably 600-800 yuan.

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