Recommendation for Visa service for China Consulate in New York

Am preparing to apply for a Chinese visa through the Chinese Consulate in New York.  Any recommendations for a visa service?  Thanks

A few years back, a page at the web site of the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. listed four visa agencies that can help pepole get their China visa. It seems one of the four handles visa appliation nation-wide, and that is Oasis International Travel Corporation. The web site of that agency can be found here

The web page of the Chinese Embassy referred to above is here: Please note it is dated 2009. It is not clear why the embassy would provide such a list.

You can also try those established visa services that handle not only visa applications to China but also to other foreign countries.

If you're in New York, applying in person is not so bad. Depending on when you show up, reported waiting in line ranges from half an hour to an hour, and the actual time spent at the window is just a few minutes. You then go back another day to pick up your visa. If you're not located far away from the consulate, then a visa agency is your ansewr. One can also ask another person, like a friend, to apply on his behalf (in other words, insofar as a warm body shows up).

The New York Consulate General also has this advice to visa agencies, which may be help to you too: