Teaching English in Jin Zhou

Someone I know is thinking about teaching English in China, probably in Jin Zhou. Is Jin Zhou a good place for a young college grad to be?

There are three Chinese cities by the name of Jinzhou. Two of them are in Liaoning Province and one is in Shanxi Province. The names look different in Chinese but come out same when Romanized (that's why the Chinese use characters). One Jinzhou is located on the railway between Beijing and Shenyang. This is a prefecture-level city. The other Jinzhou in Liaoning Province is next to Dalian on the coast. The third Jinzhou is located in Hebei Province, some distance south of Beijing. Wonder which one you're referring to.

It is up north, so must be in Liaoning.

Jinzhou on the railway between Beijing and Shenyang is a city of about one million people in its urban core area. It is also a precture-level city, meaning that administratively it answers directly to provincial government. It has a strong economic base and is quite modern in many ways. Given its location, it is also easy to get from here to places like Beijing. The city is about 500 km northeast of Beijing, a trip of 3.5 hours if one goes by fast trains. It is about 200 km southwest of Shenyang the provincial capital of Liaoning.

The other Jinzhou in Liaoning Province is officially a "district" of the "city" Dalian. This is a county-level place, with a population of half a million. It is about 30 km or half a hour northwest of Dalian. So Jinzhou here is a smaller place, but the nearby Dalian is a very nice city, one of the coastal tourist destinations in China.

An English point in showing English is to have a ton of fun in lessons. Make lessons a good time for whoever you are showing since it is demonstrated that influencing lessons fun empowers individuals to learn snappier and the words you are instructing are recalled. Likewise another in to learn punctuation to them, it will enable them to make sentences and speak with other to individuals. A debt of gratitude is in order for tuning in to my commitment, From, L+A An English point in showing English is to have a ton of fun in lessons. Make lessons a good time for whoever you are showing since it is demonstrated that influencing lessons fun empowers individuals to learn faster and the words you are instructing are recalled.

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