bringing snuff tobacco into china

Can anyone tell me what are the regulations for bringing snuff ( nasal ) tobacco into china ? I am not a smoker but a snuffer so it would only be nasal snuff i would wish to bring ? thank you

Hi there. According to regulations issued by the Chinese customs, a foreign visitor can bring in certain amount of tobacco products duty-free for their own consumption - 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, and 500 g tobacco. I cannot find specific mentioning of snuff tobacco, but one would assume it is considered general tobacco. Not sure. Duty rate on tobacco is 50%.

Even though a lot of Chinese smoke, virtually no one in China use snuff tobacco. So your snuffing may generate some curiosity.

thank you. I wasn't being lazy and asking you without any research. when i tried using google search all I got was chinese snuff bottles. if I come to china with snuff I don't want to be ' done ' for drug smuggling !

Decades ago there were Chinese who used snuff tobacco, as  the existence of snuff bottles indicates. This stopped during the Mao era. Now it seems a few Chinese are experienting with it, in rare cases. Point is, snuff tobacco is not totally unknown in China.