family roots in fujian and guangdong

Hi. I am planing a trip to find my roots in china.
My mom knows her ancestors village in yongchun county in fujian but my dad only vaguely knows that his ancestors were from the wanchow county in guangdong . How can I locate my dad's ancestral place with his last name Lee. Advise please , dad also mentioned guoyew? If this makes any sense. Hoping to hear from you soon as I am planning this trip in march.

There does not seem to be a county called "Wanchow" in Guangdong. Are you certain it is the name of a county? Do you have any characters related to the places you're searching? You can attach image. Given the nature of the Chinese languages, characters can make things much easier.

As you probably know, "Lee" is most likely what they now romanize as "Li", which is a very common surname in China (probably number one in terms how many people bear the family name). Below is the Chinese character for the name.

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Chinese family name Li characters