Travelling to Shanghai

Hi. I'm currently in Yuhuan, Zhejiang and need to get to Shanghai. I'll be catching a bus to Hangzhou. I need help to get to the Hangzhou railway station from the bus station- which bus would I catch? Which bus station does the bus from Yuhuan drop me off in Hangzhou? Thanks 

If you just want to get from Yuhuan to Shanghai, one way to go, different from the one you suggested, is to take a bus to go from Yuhuan to Wenling and get on a D train that goes from Wenling to Shanghai. There should be direct buses, probably hoursly, from Yuhuan to Wenling Railway Station. The bus trip takes about one hour, and bus fare is about 20 yuan. There are about a dozen or so trains during the day that go from Wenling to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The train ride is about 4.5 hours, and fare 160-180 Chinese dollars.

If you go by way of Hangzhou, the bus ride from Yuhuan to Hangzhou lasts about 5 hours; fare is approximately 150 yuan. The train ride times from Hangzhou to Shanghai range from one to three hours. The faster trains go from Hangzhou Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Slightly slower ones go from Hangzhou South Railway Station to Shanghai South Railway Station. Fast train fairs are 90-120 yuan whereas tickets for slower trains go for about 40 yuan. Hangzhou Railway Station is in the city, close to West Lake. Hangzhou South Railway Station is some distance south of Hangzhou, in Xiaoshan.

You should be able to find your buses at Yuhuan Keyun Zhongxin (Yuhuan Passenger Transport Center), located at No. 42 Chengzhong Lu (Chengzhong Road) in Yuhuan. Tel. (0576)87258860. There are direct buses from this station to Wenling Railway Station (Wenling Huoche Zhan), departures roughly hourly. If you choose to go to Hangzhou, you need to determine which of the two railway stations in Hangzhou you want to go - Hangzhou Railway Station (Hangzhou Huoche Zhan) or Hangzhou South Railway Station (Hangzhou Huoche Nan Zhan). Indicate your preference when purchasing your ticket at Yuhuan Passenger Transport Station. You can probably buy your bus ticket a few days in advance.

If it is a long trip, train ride is nicer than bus ride since there is some room on a train for you to move about, especially if it is one of the faster D or G trains.

Oh, thank you so much- your advice was incredibly helpful, especially with the prices for me to compare!! You're a star... Have a wonderful, blessed day

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porn xvidios

Indian Train running status chack