Travel to Shanghai and Meixian

I want to travel from HongKong to Shanghai afterwards to Meixian or vice versa and back to Hongkong, I

shall arrive Hongkong airport on Friday morning. I want to spend a week in China and back to HongKong.

I have 2 entry visa to China.

Pls suggest the cheapest way by air to go to these places.

You can fly directly from Hong Kong to Shanghai and from Hong Kong to Meixian (Meizhou). But there are no direct flights between Shanghai and Meixian. Flights between Hong Kong and Meixian are not on everyday - Mondays and Fridays only it looks like. Airfares vary greatly depending on how you book. Round-trip flights between Hong Kong and Meixian, for example, may costs more than the flights between Hong Kong and Shanghai, even though distance in the latter case is longer (like 2,000 yuan vs. 1,500 yuan).

You may find lower fares if you fly out of Guangzhou or Shenzhen. For example, you may fly round trip between Guangzhou and Shanghai for 1,000 yuan or so, if you book right. In that case you need to travel by train or bus from Hong Kong to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport or Shenzhen Baoan Airport. Trips would take a couple of hours. Fligts between Guangzhou and Meixian are on daily basis. No flights between Shenzhen and Meixian.

Meixian is relatively close to Hong Kong. There are coaches that service the two cities. For example, this company, Motor Transport Company of Guangdong and Hong Kong, operates such bus services. Various departure points in Hong Kong. In Meizhou they're Huaqiao Dasha (Overseas Chinese Plaza) and Meizhou Keyun Zhan (Meizhou Passenger Transport Station). Their website, in Chinese only, is Their email address, keyunbu at Their phone, (852)2317 7900. Bus fare is a couple of hundred yuan. Distance between Hong Kong and Meizhou is about 400 km. Bus trip should be about 5 hours. There is also train connections between Guangzhou and Meizhou, but arrivals at all at night and you need to travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.

It's good that you have double entry visa, just in case you cannot visit both Shanghai and Meixan on one entry.

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