guangzoun phoenix city hotel

does this hotel have shuttle service to airport, railway stations?

You must be referring to Fenghuag Cheng Jiudian (Phoenix City Hotel). The hotel is located in Xintang Township east of Guangzhou, about half between Guangzhou and Dongguan. From the hotel to the city center of Guangzhou it is 40-60 minutes. About 45 minutes to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 30 minutes to Guangzhou East Railway Station, 60 minutes to Guangzhou Railway Station. There are shuttle buses that depart from the transit center of Biguiyuan, a residential complex of which Phoenix City Hotel is a part. Bus departures are about every half an hour or so. They go to various destinations in the region - for example, Guangdong Guoji Da Jiudian (Guangdong International Hotel?) in Guangzhou. That brings you close the railway stations in Guangzhou. You'll also have access to the subway system, which connects the railway stations and Baiyun Airport. The hotel seems to provide transportation service from and to Baiyun Airport. There are five or six bus lines. You can ask the hotel about the particular destinations and cost. Buses also go to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, although less frequently.

Phone: (020)82808888, (020)82808888, Fax: (020)82808333. Address: The Phoenix City, Xintang Section, Guangyuandong Road, Guangzhou, China, 511340.

There is also a Phoenix Hotel in Guangzhou - Guangzhou Fenghuag Jiu Dian. That hotel is located in east-central Guangzhou, in Haizhu District.