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i want to travel from WUHAN to YIWU. what is the safest mode of trasport.

There are no direct flight from Wuhan to Yiwu Airport, but you can fly to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. You can then take a shuttle bus there to go to Yiwu. There are 4 daily flights from Wuhan Tianhe Airport to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, operated by China South Airline, Air China and Xiamen Airline. Depending on when you fly and how you book, fares are in the range of ¥550-850. Shuttle buses depart at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport for Yiwu every hour or so, starting about 10:00 in the morning till 9:30 at night. Bus fare is ¥60 and travel time is 2 hours or a little less.

You can also travel by train.  There are six or seven daily trains that go between Wuchang Railway Station and Yiwu Railway Station. Wuchang is one of the several train stations in Wuhan. Yiwu-bound rains depart from Wuchang Station from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. There is one faster train, which gets to Yiwu after just 7 hours. It departs around 10:00 pm and arrives 5:00 next morning. Travel time for other trains is approximately 11-12 hours. Given the length of the trip, you should probably get a sleeping berth. A hard berth costs approximately ¥230 whereas a soft berth costs ¥340 or so. It is hard to say if tickets are readily available, so you should inquire and arrange the purchase of the tickets in advance. The hotel you stay may assist you in this.

There are two daily train services from Hankou Railway Station o Yiwu. Both depart in the afternoon, about 3:00 pm. One arrvies in Yiwu after 15 hours, at 6:00 am; the other train is faster and reaches Yiwu after 12 hours or so, but the arrival time is the inconvenient 3:00 in the morning.

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Wherever you travel you ought to do your best to regard neighborhood laws, religious observances and traditions. This may include you doing some measure of research before you go. While this subject is dreadfully enormous to be tended to in this site video explainers, we do have an accomplice site which can enable you to wind up noticeably a dependable explorer.