What are the ways to travel from Wenzhou to Leping (JiangXi) and the duration of the travel?


May I know the different options of travelling from Wenzhou to Leping beside JingDeZhen (JiangXi) and the duration of each option?

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You can first take a train to Nanchang and then go by bus to Leping. The train departs at 5:20 pm and arrives in Nanchang after 13.5 hours in the early morning next day. You need to get a sleeping berth. That costs ¥220-350 depending on class. There should be Leping-bound buses outside Nanchang Railway Station. Nanchang Long Distance Bus Station is nearby (1-2 km). Distance from Nanchang to Leping is 250 km and bus ride last 2-3 hours. It is said that there has been some construction going on with regard to that bus station. There are quite a few long distance bus station sin Nanchang.

There is also a flight from Shantou Waisha Airport to Nanchang. But it does not seem to be a daily flight, only on Mondays and Fridays. Flight time is a little over one hour.

You can also first go by bus from Shantou to Xiamen and then fly from Xiamen to Jingdezhen. There are daily flights between these two cities, from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport to Jingdezhen Airport. Flights are operated by Shandong Airline and Sichuan Airline. Flight time is one hour. Airfare, depending on how you book, is roughly ¥600-700. From Shantou to Xiamen it is a bus ride of about three hours. Upon arrival at Jingdezhen Airport, if you can find a taxi that takes you from the airport to Leping, it probably costs ¥80 or so. Alternatively you go into Jingdezhen first and go from there by bus or train to Leping. The distance between Jingdezhen and Leping is approximately 50 km, bus ride less than an hour, and bus or train fare is cheap. You should be able to find the buses at Jingdezhen Bus Station South (Jingdezhen qiche Nan Zhan). 

You can probably also find buses that go from Shantou to Jingdezhen or Nanchang, but the distance is over 1,000 km, so it is too long a bus ride.

Thanks Jay, appreciate your kind reply.  I'll be leaving for China next week and your information has been awesomely helpful.