What are the ways to travel from Shantou to Wenzhou and the duration of the travel?


May I know the different options of travelling from Shantou to Wenzhou and the duration of each option?

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There are no direct rail link or air link between Shantou and Wenzhou, so you need to either travel or bus or first travel by train and then make a bus connection. The distance between Shantou and Wenzhou is about 900 km. If you go by bus, this is going to be a rather long trip, about 10 hours. Bus fare is about ¥200. You should be able to find Wenzhou-bound buses at Shantou Central Bus Station for Passenger Transportation (Shantou Qiche Keyun Zhongxin Zhan) (No. 61 Taishan Road; tel. : 0754 8881 7729, 8633 0988). Also Shantou GeneralBus Station (Shantou Qiche Zong Zhan) ( tel. : 0754-8102757, 88222705; address: No. 2, Chaoshan Road). There are two to three departures a day. 

To break up the long bus ride, you can first go from Shantou to Xiamen and take a train there to go to Wenzhou. From Shantou to Xiamen it is a bus ride of 300 km or so. Bus fare is ¥100. There are hourly bus departures. From Xiamen to Wenzhou the train ride last 3.5 hours if you go by one of those D trains. Train fare is ¥160-190. There are a dozen departures or so. Actually, as you can see, you do not save a whole lot time going this way.

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