Travel from Dongying

I am currently teaching English in Dongying, Shandong Province. Since arriving, I have traveled to Xi'an, Beijing and Shanghai. Later this month, I am going to Qindao and Tai Shan. I am very disappointed with my location, because I feel that there are is not much to see in this province. On a normal weekend, I would have to travel for most of the weekend, just to go see something interesting.

Can you please advise me of anything interesting in Shandong Province, or nearby?!


Qingdao is a nice city to visit. Taishan is also an important natural and historical site. These are among the leading attractions in Shandong Province. A third place is Qu, the hometown of Confucius. Actually, if you're going to visit Taishan, you might as well plan a visit of Qufu as part of your trip. Qufu is just 75 km or so south of Taishan. One day will be enough to see Qufu. The main attractions there are the Confucian temple, mansion, and cemetery. The descendants of Confucius have lived in the region for over two thousand years.

Above the three main tourist destinations in Shandong. You probably have visited Jinan, the provincial capital. Not really a tourist city, but there are a few places to see, such as Mt. Qianfo and Daming Lake. Shandong Province has a long history and there are many other sites of historical importance, but it takes some background to appreciate such sites, and they are scattered around the province. Speaking of that, in Jinan there is a new provincial museum, which makes a nice presentation of the province's rich past. But the province is not known for natural beauties like great mountains Huangshan in Anhui or Emei Shan in Sichuan.

When you visit Mt. Tai, see if you can catch the sunrise. Qingdao is a charming city. Laoshan is a scenic mountain nearby. Not far away from Qingdao, there are also Penglai, Yantai and Weihai. They're also coastal cities, similar to Qingdao, only smaller and quieter than Qingdao. Among other lesser attractions in the province is Weishan Hu (Weishan Lake).

You location is not ideal for sightseeing. That often happens with English-teaching posts - positions tended to be in somewhat remote places, quite naturally, as that's the where the need for foreign teachers is the greatest. Of course, it could have been different if you were in a small city that is closer to some other major destinations.  

Another thing to consider is what the locals call fengsu you or nongjia you - folk culture tours and countryside tours. Do some research and you'll probably come by some info on this. But such tours may be somewhat challenging for a foreigner in terms of physical comfort. Possible destinations for such activities include Zibo and Weifang, which are not far from where you're, and Yimeng Mountains. Yimeng Mountains also offers a few opportunities for sightseeing. Various festivals and celebrations are periodically held at different places, such as skite festival in Weifang (that is in the spring).