What about a trip to Taihu Lake?

Is there much to see on Taihu? Is it worth a trip out there? Thanks. I'll go from Suzhou. I'll be in Suzhou for 2-3 days.

If you have 2-3 days to visit Suzhou, you can probably take one day to tour the Tai Lake. Of course, Suzhou is fairly close some other tourist destinations, so you may want to keep that in mind while making your travel plans.

There are three places you can go - Xishan, Guangfu, and what they call "the central area." 

Xishan (Western Hills) is an island 50 km or so west of Suzhou. It is now connected to the shore with a long bridge, so getting there is easy. Tour buses can get there in an hour or so. Out there one can climb hills, visit a couple of Buddhist temples as well as villages with old resdential buidlings. There are also some restaurants that feature local cuisine. It is nice to have dinner while viewing the sunset on the lake. Oh, Xishan seems to be called Jinting now. The latter names means "golden pavillion." It is said that some local officials did not lile the name "Western Hills" because there is a Chinese set phrase "ri luo xi shan" - "the sun set  behind the western mountains," suggesting decline.

The Guangfu scenic area is also half way between Suzhou and Xishan. The lakeview is nice; there are a few historical sites to see, and you you can spend some time in fishing villages and enjoy a few dishes fesaturing freshly caught Taihu fish.

The "central area" is south of Guangfu and on the way from Suzhou city to Xishan. There you'll find Taihu Park, a wetland park on the shore of the lake and Suzhou Aquarium. You can also try fishing, boating, and golf.

None of the scenic areas have extaordinary sights, but they're enjoyable in their quiet ways.